Camel farm in Horn of Africa
Somaliland - Adaadley

That could be one small step, but one great leap for Horn of Africa.

We are a privately-owned company, based in Hamburg, Germany. We control how we build, who we partner with, and what we bring to the Somaliland market. We believe that international cultural differences in business can aid you to gain an advantage. The experience and expertise of our international team, help us to develope powerful insights and to deliver solutions that bring value to the country's life.


Our mission is to establish a modern agricultural business, create a modern sustainable camel farming system. Main profile of the camel farm: selling camel milk and products, developing a local distribution network with the help of modern technology and knowledge. Modernization of the camel farming system: the implementation of the milking machines and its adaptation to the physiology of camel lactation.
Our farm is in a village called Adaadley, about 1,5 hour ride from the capital, Hargeysia. In August 2019 we started to build the farm house and to construct the water wells.
In September and October this year we will build the electric fences for the animals and we will start to buy the camels.
We offer a wide range of job opportunities for the local people.


Experience based knowledge with 15 years' European business management. We help EU entrepreneurs to gain access to the developing Somaliland market.

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We deliver the resources needed to grow your business: consultancy, international marketing know-how, business development matchmaking with international partners, we help you to accelerate your business growth.

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